Being a “Big Girl”

My friend is going off on a grand adventure!  This Wednesday she leaves on a trip she has dreamed of, dared not dream of, made reservations for, cancelled the reservations, and then decided that yes, absolutely, she was going!  I’m so proud of her for taking this brave step.  She is going to have the time of her life, and I can’t wait to hear all about her trip when she gets back!

I’ve been encouraging her to go, that she’s really going to feel like a “big girl” when she dares to do what her heart wants to do, which is venture out into the world alone–all alone–for once.  I reminded her that it was like that evening she and I struck out for McCain Mall, a vast distance of 40 miles away, for the first time, just the two of us.  We were 18 and had never, ever ventured that far from home without adult supervision.

Turns out that trip was a marvelous adventure, and one neither of us has ever forgotten! At the time, the mall wasn’t even complete–only Dillard’s was up and running, but that was fine–it was a wonderland to us–complete with escalators to all three floors–and we explored and delighted in about every inch of it! We both remember what we bought that glorious evening– a bottle of Yardley’s Lemon Cologne, and a lime green photo album (which I still have).  I remember laughing a lot on that little outing, but the most amazing thing was the feeling of total liberation.  We really were “big girls” on that trip to the mall!  I had driven us there, we went where we wanted, and we went home when we got darn good and ready (probably by 9:00 p.m.). That fateful trip was in 1973, but to both of us it seems like yesterday.  We made a memory that day that hasn’t lost any of its sheen in these 37 years.

I had a similar experience a few years back when I went on a trip to Indianapolis.  I was free to roam the city by myself, go where I wanted to, and just be a “big girl” all on my own.  I felt a bit like Mary Tyler Moore as she stood in that Minneapolis square with her arms outspread, scaring the pigeons, finally flinging her hat into the air in total abandon.

So, my friend, I’m thrilled you too are going to Minneapolis, and I hope while you’re there you’ll wander off on your own, buy some lemon cologne, and maybe scare a pigeon or two when you throw your hat.  It’s fun being a big girl!

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I am a southern writer/teacher and proud grandmother.
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4 Responses to Being a “Big Girl”

  1. Becky Ransom says:

    Pat, What a gift of writing you have. You put everything into words my heart is thinking. You’ve got to write that children’s book now for Cash!
    What a great story of our little adventure in 1973. Your right, I can remember so many things on that one day,like the little orange giraffe on my cup at the sonic, (Thats going to tell our age!) and I can’t remember if I unpluged my curling iron an hour ago? It was a magic day! But maybe the magic was without our really knowing, we had found a friend for life! Pat you are a true friend. I wish everyone could have a friend like you, but I know they are like rare diamonds in our mine in Arkansas, you can wade thur the mud, struggle thur the heat ,and dig, dig, dig for a lifetime, and never find one! You know me though, one of the gifts the Lord gave me was looking for anything that sparkles!!!!
    You sparkle girlfriend!
    I will tell you all about my trip when I get back. I’ve repacked my luggage 3 times!!

  2. I love your blog posts. Your perspective and voice just shine! I loved the one about the new grandbaby to be too!

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