Advice to a Young Man On His Wedding Day

“I love you,” and “you’re beautiful” are two things you should say to her every single day. You can also add, “I’m thankful God sent you to me,” and “you are the better part of me.” And when she cooks, “This is delicious!”

I hope you don’t have to say it too much, but remember that “I’m sorry” goes a long way in mending hurt feelings. Never be too much of the big man to say those words.

When you walk into a room together, keep your hand at the small of her back. It’s a little thing, but it tells the world that you are happy she is yours and that you are happy for everyone to know it.

Never criticize her in front of others! Never flirt with others—not even “just for the fun of it.”

Talk late into the night about your plans for your future. Don’t ever stop making plans!

Celebrate! Birthdays, anniversaries, promotions—whatever—celebrate. Life is wonderful! Celebrate it!

Go for a walk in the moonlight. Hold her hand. Kiss under the mistletoe.

When there are heartbreaks and disappointments, let them become the part of your history that made you stronger together. Don’t try to face sorrows or difficulties on your own.

Make sure your wife’s car is safe. Check the tires, the oil, and make sure you keep gas in her tank. She will get the message: you are protecting her.

When your wife is sick, take good care of her. Get her a blanket. Hold her hair while she throws up. Hold her hand.

Give your wife time with her friends. She will in turn give you your time for hunting and guy stuff.

Let your children know that there is no one like their mother. Show them how much you love her. It’s one of the best gifts you can give your children. Love their mother!

It’s important to remember how much you love your wife. Believe me, there will be times when you forget (or want to!), but find yourself a quiet spot and remember, with your heart, how you felt about her when you knew for sure you were in love. That memory will sustain you and strengthen you. Always see her as your young, beautiful bride.

Put God at the center of your marriage. Let your wife know that she can trust you because your trust is in the Father. Take your family to church. Let your children see you read your Bible. Practice what you teach them.

I hope that you two are happily married for 70 years—at least! May God bless you with happiness, love, trust, and an abiding faith.

About prroberson

I am a southern writer/teacher and proud grandmother.
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