Dream of Heaven

I had an amazing dream night before last. It was the anniversary of my mom’s passing, and that date is usually full of reflection about her, yet this year I seem to have turned a corner.  I didn’t post about her on social media, and, though I reflected on the date, it’s probably the first time that I didn’t get emotional.  I’ve been under a considerable amount of stress, so I chalked my lack of emotion up to being distracted about several issues I’m dealing with.

The dream was a sweet one.  Mom, who looked about 30, was playing with a three-year-Old Charlee in a stream of water from the hose.  They were both wearing white cotton slips as they played on a green lawn.  They were laughing and playing, splashing in the stream, and running from each other, delightfully pretending to avoid getting wet.  The dream was short, and ended with Mom running into the house, screen door slamming.

It’s a miracle I remembered the dream—I seldom do—but the next morning, it made me smile as I recalled the joy of it.  Then I realized that Charlee hadn’t even been a thought when Mom passed.  It’s one of my saddest regreets—that she missed out on meeting my grands, her great-grandchildren.  Why had I dreamed about Mom and Charlee, a child she had never met?  I pondered the question as I got ready for school.

Somewhere in the getting-ready process I had a revelation.  If Heaven is infinite, why do I doubt Mom meeting Charlee (or her four other great-grands)?  And if time is infinite, why could they not know each other at any stage of life they’ve lived?  If all barriers are gone, it makes perfect sense that a three-year-old Charlee could be splashing with her 30-year-old great-grandmother.  And, if that’s so, I could be splashing with my great grandmother and my great-great-great granddaughter someday as well!

I don’t know when I’ve had a more enlightening moment.  I’ve never thought in these terms before, but in the middle of a completely stressful week, God sent me a dream that has given me a glimpse of Heaven.

Mom, it’s been 15 years.  I miss you more than I could ever have imagined, but I’m looking forward to laughing and playing like kids with all the grands and greats. Until then, I’ll keep an open mind.  Thank you, Father, for a sweet little dream that is as big as all Heaven.  Colossians 3:2-4

About prroberson

I am a southern writer/teacher and proud grandmother.
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